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Live Tracking

Live Tracking is a key feature of the Parent App. Parents can now track their children in real-time with an Uber-like experience- which is state-of-the-art tech!


Beacon ensures accountability is properly assigned to where it belongs. And unlike most of the tracking systems currently available in the market we've thought through this problem and fixed the gap.

Push Notifications

Parents recieve Push Notification on each transaction, right from pick-up to drop of their Children, instantly.

Why Choose Us

Beacon ensures accountability is properly assigned, Authorised Access to only those authorized by the School Management.

  • Security First
  • Live Tracking
  • Accountability

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Frequently asked questions

Beacon is a smartphone app that lets you track your child’s school .Beacon also notifies you when the bus is near your stop, so you can drop/pick your children at the right time. The beacon suite includes the Beacon Operation Console(BOC) which schools use to

  • Add children to the Beacon system
  • Maintain compliance of drivers and vehicles.
  • Create optimized routes and track all school buses in realtime .

Beacon informs and updates parents about the status of the vehicle. Parents get  notifications  with distinct sounds to inform parents about specific status of the vehicle. Parents get  notified in the following scenarios:

  1. When the driver starts the trip
  2. When the is within 10 minutes of  your childs pickup spot 
  3. When your child has boarded the vehicle
  4. When your child has reached the school
  1. When your child has boarded the vehicle
  2. When your child is 10 mins  from the drop location
  3. When your child has been  dropped

Beacon is a mobile app which uses global positioning system (GPS) technology of the phone to locate and track your child’s school vehicle. It is powered by software from Greylabs

You can sign up for Beacon only if your school is participating in the service. When the school registers you and send you an SMS with the Beacon app installation link. You can then download Beacon and register yourself with the app.

The Beacon suite comes at no cost to the school.Parents subscribe to Beacon at a very nominal cost even lesser than a cup of coffee

Great! Just contact your child’s school and inform them about Beacon.You can also send Greylabs more information about the school using the Contact us from on our website. We will introduce ourselves to the school and present our services.

Beacon is an easy way for parents, students, and transportation administrators to easily find locations and arrival times. Once a school engages with us , we ship a mobile phone for each vehicle, preconfigured with our tracking app. The administrator can configure routes and stops easily with BOC, an administration console on the web. Email invitations are then sent to parents to view routes. Registered users are then given access to a map with the vehicle's current location and speed, a list of stops, and estimated arrival times at any stop of interest.

Yours child’s information is very important to us. Information stored on our servers as well as communication sent between apps and web applications are encrypted via SSL and AES encryption. Only registered parents who are registered will be able to access their child’s records. Any changes in the address or on the child have to go through an approval process by the school. Only personal authorized by the school can access and administer vehicles, drivers, routes and children.

Modern smartphones equipped to use 3G or 4G data connections can be used to track your child through the Beacon parent app.

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