IT service management requires a far-sighted approach to deployment which many organizations lack. While IT organisations across the globe continue to invest significantly in ITSM platforms organisations fail to add any significant business value. Business Alignment vs Time to market is one of the critical choices any Enterprise needs to make while embarking on an ITSM journey. Furthermore, the advent and Emergence of trends such as IOT, Social, Mobility, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Dev-ops have had a significant impact on ITSM strategy of Enterprises across the globe and the traditional approach to ITSM deployment have become increasingly obsolete and inefficient.

At Greylabs, business Aligned deployment approach solves the Business Alignment vs Time to market paradox by focusing on building a Long-Term ITSM Road Map with measurable outcome while ensuring lower time to market through the use of Solution accelerator, Best Practices and custom utilities.

Prebuilt framework and Solution Accelerators on emerging trends ensure use case driven deployment with no implementation overhead. The accelerators are readily available for the following:

  • ITIL aligned Best Practice deployment
  • ITSM in cloud Environment
  • Service Integration & Management (SIAM)
  • ITSM & Devops
  • Social Enterprise & ITSM
  • ITSM & Digital Operations
  • Software Asset Management
  • ITSM on the Go

Greylabs is a trusted partner for Service Providers and Enterprises alike to deliver Value driven ITSM deployments within stipulated time and budget

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