How Technology Optimises School Bus Routes and Enhances Safety?

Embracing Technology at the School Management Level

Having a school bus tracking system in place that incorporates real-time tracking of bus transit helps make the travels exponentially safer for the students and also reduces parental concerns. Most schools have the provision of a school bus service to ferry the students from their residence to the school, and back- but seldom do they have adequate security measures in place that would allow the service providers or parents to track the vehicle.

School Bus Scheduling

School bus schedules are usually kept flexible to adjust various after-school study sessions, sports and other extracurricular activities of the students. Parents already stressed from balancing work with child-rearing, get extremely worried when they do not have an option of communicating with their children or to track their whereabouts during the extended periods of absence from the home.

Such concern for children’s safety is definitely justified and schools should make use of upcoming technological innovations to optimise school bus routes and enhance school bus safety that will allow administrators and parents to track the vehicles in real-time.

Mobile Apps for Real-Time School Bus Tracking

Mobile app-based vehicle tracking systems such as GreyLabs’ Beacon App allow parents and school administrative staff to track the movement of the school buses in real-time from mobile apps or on the web. It is also important for the parents to be able to track the location of a student using Maps, and get corresponding information about the bus route, pickup and drop timings, and other stops in between.

This allows them to be able to place greater trust in the school transportation system for the safety of their child. Transportation Management Systems help manage truancy and improve attendance by tracking which students are bunking classes with real-time tracking.

Biometric ID Cards for Easy Identification

Fingerprint Biometric systems and ID cards with RFID chips can be scanned to view student profiles as well as profiles of the school bus drivers. This helps verify information with respect to databases and makes it a safer atmosphere, especially when there are young children involved.
Accurate information about the location of the vehicle as well as the drivers by virtue of such technology assures the parents of the safety and well-being of their child.

Route Management Software

Route planning software and other technology can be used to optimise the school bus routes and also have a fixed schedule in place to ensure a fast, effective, and reliable transportation facility. School bus tracking applications also come in immensely handy during emergencies as they send out emergency alerts and also help keep the communication lines open between school administrators, bus drivers, and parents in such situations. They ensure the safe dropping off of students to their residence even in times of natural disasters or other emergency situations.

With recent technological innovations, software and applications have been developed that provide regular reports on the upkeep of the vehicles, including its fuel consumption, maintenance, speed violations, idle time, etc. for smoother operations and smarter decision-making based on the generated data.

Since these reports keep the bus drivers as well as the maintenance crew updated with any maintenance issue the school bus might face, the drivers are kept free of any worry about sudden breakdowns or technical failures. As a result of the optimization of bus routes, schedules and workload, operational costs are reduced and a lot of fuel is also conserved.

Thus we can see how recent technology, specifically bus-tracking applications, can contribute towards exponentially improving the standards of student safety, efficacy of the school bus system and its route planning, as well as optimum resource allocation.

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