How Technology can help schools to ensure child safety

How Technology can help schools to ensure child safety

Throughout the year, children spend a good amount of their time in schools than anywhere else. Creating a safe environment that can nurture the future of tomorrow requires robust and effective safeguarding practices in place. With parents getting actively involved in ensuring children safety in schools, it becomes all the more important for school management committees and authorities to maintain and monitor the standards of safety and assure a stringent safeguarding code of conduct.

Undoubtedly, technology can play a crucial role in helping schools do so. With world-class security systems and technologies in place, schools can ensure that child safety becomes a fundamental practice, rather than just a forced policy. From metal detectors, digital recordkeeping to real-time school bus tracking - security systems in schools has evolved over the years.

With a vast experience in transport solutions development and management, we have compiled a list of technological advancements that can help keep the apple of your eyes, safe at school.

Visitor Management Systems

In most parts of the country, several schools still use a manual register for visitor management. The issue with these manual registers is that visitors can make fake entries without getting caught – adding to the vulnerability of these schools.

Hence, this passive approach to security must be replaced with visitor management systems that scan and process every visitor’s ID, along with their photograph and records the date and time of entry and exit digitally. Many such systems even maintain a record of the whereabouts of the visitors in the school, keeping unauthorized visitors at bay.

Transport Security & Tracking Solutions

Safeguarding school children is a multifaceted process. While typical hardware-focused security measures are focused on safeguarding child safety in school, use of mobile applications with intelligent analytics can help combat modern-day threats.

One such solution is school bus tracking security app. Apps like these can gather real-time information about the school bus route and speed, which can then be shared with parents to keep them posted about their children’s whereabouts during transit from school to home and vice versa. While real-time school bus tracking apps enable live tracking and share live transit status with the parents, they also provide schools with detailed travel logs to monitor and improve transport operations and ensure accountability.

Speaking of which, Greylabs’ Beacon Operations Console (BOC) is one such transport operations & security solution that helps parents to track their child’s transit in real-time from their mobiles and establishes driver accountability – giving schools the flexibility to optimize their transport systems while ensuring their students’ safety.

Metal Detectors

Physical security measures such as the installation of metal detectors help in detecting and preventing potentially dangerous objects from entering the school premises and such measures act as a major contributor to child safety.

In addition to providing an added layer of security to the students and staff, parents get the much-needed peace of mind and schools create secure campuses by thwarting attacks. When children know they are in a safe learning environment, their intellectual processes become much smoother - enabling clear and creative thinking.

Panic Button Systems

In case of emergencies, a panic button system can be a life savior. Teachers should be provided with these systems that can be used in case any trouble arises. At the push of a button, alerts will be sent to the school authorities and administrators to take immediate action.

From medical emergencies to fire mishaps, unforeseen activities and even accidents that require aid administered by the school staff, there are various scenarios where panic button systems can prove to be efficacious. Consequently, using them will increase the protection level for students and faculty both. The above mentioned technological developments are some of the ways to create a safer school premise for children to ensure peace of mind for parents and school authorities. Apart from boosting children safety in schools such systems also increase the reliability of modern institutions, thereby necessitating the need to implement such solutions in the modern age.

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