10 Benefits of School Bus Tracking For Schools

10 Benefits of School Bus Tracking For Schools

If you are a parent you heart might beat fast every time to see your child off when they board the school bus. It’s natural to remain worried about their safety and the anxiety does not go away until the child is back home. The increasing number of school bus related accidents and worried parents have led to a lot of schools opting for a school bus tracking system which updates parents and school authorities about the location of the bus using GPS and RFID tags. Let’s have a look at the benefits this system offers:

  • Child Safety in School Bus Is Sorted

    The parents are no longer in doubt or remain overly anxious about their children. They are sent constant notifications and live updates and they can also check real time locations from the app. This ensures that an emergency can be handled swiftly.

  • Bus Route Management Is Easy

    The software involved is extremely smooth and reliable and really convenient to use. The school does not need to invest a huge amount of time and energy and needs to only review from time to time. The software re routes and re schedules automatically making the work easier.

  • Performance Efficiency Is Everything

    Manual routing and scheduling can often lead to increased costs because of miscalculations. A RFID vehicle management system completely avoids these human errors. The software monitors the fuel burnt and the distance covered making budgeting and accounts extremely easy.

  • Admin Console Acts Like a Database

    The tracking system saves essential data about all the trips for posterity. The school can monitor and analyze the data if it wants to. This also helps with tracking a child who is missing with the help of RFID tags.

  • Parents can have Peace of Mind

    It’s not just the parents, the school bus tracking system is a huge sigh of relief for the school authorities. The school gets to know about delays due to traffic thanks to the real notifications and it can also become aware of natural calamities or problems such as the bus breaking down in the process.

  • Child’s Attendance is Traceable

    Maintaining the attendance of each and every student can be a gruelling task and manual attendance taking can lead to discrepancies. But because of the school bus tracking system recording attendance is extremely easy. The details can be obtained directly from the system and can be considered as reliable data.

  • Keeps the Child Safe in the hands of School Bus Driver

    It’s not possible to constantly check on school bus drivers to make sure that they are obeying traffic rules. However with the real-time school bus tracking system, bus speed and ETA can be monitored. This data can be used to determine if the driver is driving safely or not.

  • School Bus Waiting Time can be Avoided

    The school bus tracking system provides parents with a real time notification about the estimated arrival and departure time. Thus the extremely stressful waiting time can be avoided by the parents and similarly the children also do not have to wait alone.

  • Grass is Greener on the Other Side

    The school bus tracking system determines best routes and reduces the idling time of school buses. This leads to less fuel being consumed and therefore helps in creating a greener environment.

  • Multiple Buses Can Be Monitored

    It often happens that children board different buses on different days. But the school bus tracking system is able to determine which bus the child is on because it tracks multiple buses at the same time.

Thus now you can stop feeling tensed about your child when the school bus is ten minutes late. You can simply open an app and find out the reason!

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